Fundraising Data Made Easy

Built by Treasurers and Fundraisers

Simplify Work

  • Streamline your donation processing and tracking with a dedicated application
  • Collect contribution data from online sources including NationBuilder, ActBlue and NGP
  • Eliminate redundant data entry with intelligent file transfer tools
  • Speed up data entry and reduce errors with an easy to use interface
  • Quickly track your contribution data and transactions online

Centralize Data

  • Unite fundraising and political compliance data in one place
  • Consolidate scattered data from different lists and applications
  • Review and manage your donation data through a centralized online dashboard
  • Defend data integrity with automated tracking of all system and user data changes
  • Protect valuable data with enterprise grade security and encrypted nightly back-ups

Save Money

  • Save time and money with technology solutions that streamline your data management
  • Reduce duplicate data problems caused by multiple users and applications
  • Lower overhead costs with an expedited political compliance review process
  • Cut staff hours to collect data from various campaign and fundraising applications
  • Automatically send data to campaign finance disclosure applications such as NetFile

About DonorStack

A Joint Effort by Experts in Campaign Management
Focused on Winning

The Henry Levy Group

The Henry Levy Group has over 20 years of Campaign Treasury experience managing candidate, ballot measure, and political action committees, as well as California major donors and non-profit organizations. Services include FEC and FPPC political compliance and disclosure. We can provide compliance services for states other than California upon request. We offer tax preparation for political and non-profit organizations, as well as financial reporting to meet clients’ specific needs. The political team at The Henry Levy Group works as part of a full service CPA firm. We are bonded and insured; your funds are also protected with industry leading internal controls.

Democratic Direct

Democratic Direct staff have extensive experience managing all aspects of electoral campaigns and political non-profits. We believe the most effective strategies unite people around the issues of movement based politics with the pragmatic get-it-done-today urgency of an election. Our campaign planning and management team will help you maximize your resources to win. We provide full service multi-level fundraising including small and larger donor prospecting and advancement. We have extensive experience in mobilizing large paid and volunteer direct voter contact campaigns that persuade and mobilize voters. We also offer affordable technology and data solutions built to meet your specific needs.

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